Tuesday, July 22, 2014

State of Health Care in America - more data on [Obama"Care"]

While the above is an extreme the T4 program was basically the program implemented in the name of medicine and by Doctors, notable Nazi "Psychiatrists" actually, to empower Germany by "cleansing" it of racial inferiority. This was only 75 years ago and in the name of medicine. Point being when government starts telling us what medical treatment we must or cannot have, be it contraception or abortion -- we have lost some hard won freedoms.

I have been asked some questions about Health Insurance, one of the myths going around is that certain religious groups, are exempt to the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) -- however this isn't true in the VAST majority of cases -- see this link from Snopes.

The penalties will double each year, so if your penalty for 2014 is $1200 in 2015 it will be $2400 and $4800 in 2016. Click here for your own online penalty calculator. So for those that don't have insurance remember that each member is penalized and it is done based on your income. Essentially the supreme court was right that the whole thing is a tax hike that will primarily affect the middle class, the upper class already had insurance, the middle class will be covering the lower class. As is proven by this statistic given today -- "Nearly 90 percent of the federal exchange’s insurance enrollees were eligible for subsidies because of low or moderate incomes". My point is that not enrolling is not going to be a viable alternative as you are essentially paying for the lower class health insurance and getting none of your own (for those that don't qualify for the subsidy).

So lest anyone think this is actually about healthcare, our nation has fallen in international healthcare standings for the 3rd straight decade and yet we continue to spend more than anyone else - Reference Source

While I totally agree that healthcare should be a fundamental human right, throwing more money into a broken and corrupt system isn't going to handle the problem but will only make it worse. In fact it is likely the next oil, meaning once cars are fully electric or not based on oil, healthcare has the possibility to take over as the next geo-political greed nightmare.

The good news is that there ARE other alternatives to the state and federal exchanges that you won't get offered to you by your broker or a website. These are group sharing initiatives that are often religious in nature and a few of them do accept members from other faiths. I would advocate that a religion or the members of a religion, that are interested should set one up [although that may be in uphill battle due to the government putting THIS in place] "Must have existed and been in practice continually since December 31, 1999". See this link for Liberty HealthShare that I found after an exhaustive search that allows members of other faiths. If anyone finds a better one or has other data please do share it here. Even more general data is here  Additional Info These do qualify as a valid exemption from ObamaCare and one of the the major plus points is that -- things like mandatory Psych coverage might not be included. I for one have learned the lesson of my forefathers 75 years ago, see above, and don't need/want that coverage.