Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Olive Oil a lesson to the rest of us

This article featured here in the NYTIMES Olive Oil Article (click it or the post doesn't make sense) depicts not just what is wrong with one kind of food but really a microscopic look into a piece of a much larger problem. (just google the word Monsanto [just on the page one links] if you need more)

The foods and chemicals that we are blindly putting into our bodies are killing us. It was said on the news a week ago that 200 people an hour are told they have cancer in America. Yet most of America goes blindly following big pharma and big food -- the two industries causing the cancer. Through the use of chemicals and excessivly processed foods with added fake sugars into our diets, not to mention the side effect prone, synthetics that the pill pushers are having us shove down our throats. Worse is that anyone in a position of "authority" all bought off and following a strict agenda, who tells you to take this pill and that pill, are being listened to.

Look at the raw numbers. Compare the rate of cancer, diabetes, heart issues, autism, ADD, etc. with the rates just 50 years ago, let alone 100 years ago, adjust for population increase and you see an alarming increase. Medicine is not being paid to solve the problem instead to "manage" and "treat" it. Solve it and a huge chunk of our GDP goes away. No wonder we spend more money on medicine than any other country. But instead of getting the best in the world for our money we are ranked a lousy 18th internationally in healthcare.

The saying "you are what you eat" is probably the most distilled health advice you could ever receive. Shane Ellison at The People's Chemist, is one seriously smart and informed consumer who started out like most of America believing in the system, he even worked in big Pharma and then realized his industry was killing the people they were supposed to be helping.  

The demand at Costco for Organic food is so great they are funding the farmers to produce the goods this is great news, McDonalds is advertising no fillers in their Quarter Pounder with Cheese, progress I would call that, stay strong, stay informed!

"If I were the Devil..."

This is incredible, Paul Harvey recorded this audio piece 51 years ago! In his mind these were the most extreme things possible, it is confounding how much of it is happening today.