Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Cobbler should have provided Shoes

Some Cobbler somewhere refused to provide shoes for his children, the rest of us have been suffering since. As the son of a Contractor some things in the house weren't always perfect but they could have been. Now I am just as guilty. My wife had an issue with her Surface that took me months to get to and handle even though had I really applied myself should have been handled quickly. My son had a computer I needed to set-up for him all that was needed was a WiFi device added, simple for me yet this caused a long delay on setting his computer up. 

This is why I call for the "Cobblers" in all of us to realize that our jobs, whatever they may be, should be taken seriously for those we love most. Let's face it I wasn't about to hire someone who does what I do to handle the issues for my wife and son. Yes for most smaller issues they come to me and I handle instantly, but what of those things that require a little work. 

There are always exceptions of course, my friend Andy a contractor when having a baby, built a beautiful nursery for his children. My hat is off to him for this -- truly he is a stunning example of what we all should be doing.

So this is a plea to all of us "Cobblers" to provide for those we love, no one else will or can like we can.